2016. dec 19.

The See Gull and the Griffin of Totnes



The small English town of Totnes is often refered to as the Cradle of Transition; here we find the place and the people, the practice and the purpose that lit a flame that came of age as the Transition Movement. Every Great Turning has its own Creation Myth. Every diverse movement has many. Here is one such story translated from the collection of Hungarian tales of Transition, "Fables of Reality". Kinga Kovács, true to her name, smith, has melted together an adaptation of a Hungarian tale, Ferenc Morá's The Shivering King, with storyteller Maja Bumberák's tale, the Griffen of Totnes. The full Hungarian version of Hungarian Transition tales, Ha nem lenne, ki kéne találni, by Kovács Kinga was published early 2016 by Katalizátor Kiadó on behalf of Hungarian NGO Védegylet, and available from zoldbolt.hu / vedegylet.hu / atalakulo.hu